f*ck off FB

December 10, 2016

Other day, other page

My #noshareDecember was on fire the first days, I had the help of a little Chrome extension the first 5 days having only 2 minutes to be in facebook was amazing, I realized that, actually you aren’t missing anything, not being rude, but most of my facebook stream is only memes, posts against the goverment and funny videos, I wasn’t missing any news, and I wasn’t posting anything or sharing so I don’t have any notification (mostly of my notifications are just likes, there isn’t any debate or conversation).

My plan was to share everything that I need to share in this lovely and abandoned blog, I know that I missing a “back” button (just realized that is already implemented but in a lame text that say “home”) and some kind of tags, to keep everything nice and clean, but at the moment I don’t have enough content to be “messy”, or something really important to be found, I said that will write a little about code, and probably bout Processing, but my lazyness is winning, besides that I’m drawing, drawing my silly comic and well playing Monster Hunter, add to that, I haven’t tried properly the last update of the OP1.

End of excuses

Well till now my no share december was promising, but then comes spiderman…

I’m a big spidey fan and well, that tomorrow ended being me in front of youtube’s landing page hitting cmd+r like a monkey, and then I turn off my extension and go back to facebook and twitter searching for answers, for knowledge, for Tom Holland dressed as the fucking spiderman!!!. after one day completely wasted I got the trailer:

And, yes, I’m super hyped, and well that’s it, now I need to get organised to stop being so social and do more drawings, music or code (not all at the same time, yet).

<insert some kind of catchy bye phrase>