Moving Out

funnier than in reality

March 5, 2021

Making boring chores fun stuff to do

disclaimer: this is a new kind of post, a review, where basically without any experience or knowledge, I’ll give my opinion on a topic, and reflect that opinion in a classic Watermelon Scale.

When was the last time you actually moved?, and I’m not talking about movement like an a physical activity (we know last year has been kinda sedentary) I’m talking about change from you apartment, house, tent, bridge? do you remember how fun is to put all your belongings into boxes, move them to a truck and then unpack?, yes we haven’t the pleasure of do that often, but now there’s a game that just, and just about all of those pleasures.

I had been lucky enough not just to help my friends move (fuck these ppl are worst than gipsies) several times, but also to work in a moving agency, was just one day cus I broke some lamps, but the experience still resides in my muscles, and pain, oh, the pain.

grab, throw, truck, repeat

This game is from the creators of “Overcooked” a game that has just 2 outputs, you became the strongest and best team with your friends or your friendship ends becoming a trash fire. This game is exactly the same kind of game, you have an easy task, move everything from a house to a truck. One thing that amaze me from this game and overcooked (also had the luck of working in a kitchen) that are incredible real, the main issues of this two jobs are tackled in those silly funny games, a big part of this game isn’t moving things, is getting them fast into the truck and organizing the truck (the hardest part in every level).

There isn’t much more to say about the game, it’s super fun, has a stupidly over the top humor, and really random jokes, and every character of the game is a delight to the eyes, very funny models, very customizable, and also with funny quirky details, like the toaster that throws some bread every once in a while.


Overcooked with boxes is a really fun experience, the game is very hard, and has some cool modes, every level is a joking puzzle, my score is 4.25 Watermelons

im feeling generous

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this is the kind of post just for posting and not leaving the blog so alone