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November 28, 2015

A more human approach

I will try to make not only ugly posts about code cuz:

  • nobody cares, neither about my blog nor the code
  • I don’t have enough knowledge to put something seriously important about html, css, processing, swift or another thing that I have tried.

Maybe I can write about drawing or design, nothing new but at least from my distorted point of view… less bla bla bla and more about life. As all my old post are lost in the deeps or a json file I will try to do a mini catch up with my life:

Last year I was working in a videogame company DeNA (as a UI artist) the project where was working fail and by the cold cut of the headcount get fired. One of my friend at that time was planning to get the wh and come to new zealand.

He told me about his evil plan, and for me was an excellent way of do something new.

I worked in a couple of projects while prepared everything for the journey part of that preparation was get rid of my six years of dreadlocks, still miss them. Learn a little of swift, buy a new sketchbook and a couple (10) of pencils. I will skip all the thiscountryissodifferent and go to the core:


Alvarito & Valentina, ohh sweet friendship

Tauranga was my HQ and intel place, here I can finally get my bank account and mi IRD account, two basic thing that Auckland denied me during two weeks. Make some friends and start to live the nightmare of working in a packhouse during 2 months.

Look mom I'm in a dangerous place with my friends, like Chileans.

Palmerston North

Wasn’t easy to get to palmy and fuck! What a cold place, but was nice to see and old friend and a really cool place to work (I HOPE).

Yes this is me at 30 years old in a tree house, f$ck growing up.



The magical and RAD town of blenheim, actually wasn’t so radical or magical, or anything ended in ical, was pretty boring, in fact the cool place in town was The Yard were the most fun thing was walk to the pub, and the walk back to the Backpacker, always with The Js, Jeremy and Jure. Also went to play Paintball with a great friend Charlotte, amazing times fixing her computer and showing my nerd knowing power.


This deserves its own post, so I’ll make supershortversion, after developing a friendship with the Js we decided to go in a roadtrip to the south island, actuallly they invited me cuz “will be so funny be with you”.


The end of the Fury road trip, we spent a week doing nothing, not even all the fun and expensive things that has to offer Queenstown, no wait, we search for gold, and a job, and guess who didn’t find either of those.

Follow the road, to get to the GOLD!


ChC the Job promised land, where everyone can find a job, make a lot of money, and live the Working Holiday Dreamlife or in our case, the land of the mercenary jobs, kind of well paids, and the Ultimate experience of survive a real fire in our hotel and stay outside for 4 hours in the cold watching how the hotel throw smoke for the windows while you think that the only thing that have with you are a shitty phone and your pants.

This was the TV room, now it's only the coal room, yes that was a real fire.


At the end, it's Akaroa.

Wait akaroa deserves its own post.