it only took 8 years

May 23, 2023

What? this crap looks the same

Yes it does, it’s mostly the same that was before, mainly the post layout its the same and just the landing was redesign.

And let’s be honest wasn’t a big change, not even under the hood, there still a bunch of “desktop first” approach on my CSS, which shows how old its everything, and also the fact that there’s still a bunch of code used in old projects that shouldn’t be there.

But now I feel more content with how the blog its constructed, and the layout, this will give me more space for making changes or add new things without breaking the design.

Who Cares?

Probably no one, or maybe the only 2 ppl that read this blog, but as usual its good to have your own “piece of the internet”.

The future

Im still not completely sold with the mobile version, so probably that will change a little with time, also will remove some things or add more in the desktop version and tablet, since I notice that ppl always forget tablets.

disclaimer: as you can see this text has been wrote by a human, cuz we need to value humans in the AI era.