Devblog 00

May 27, 2023

DinoPirates from Outer Space VS the Evil Brocolliens from inner space

Yup, indeed and in fact, this it’s a long name for a game, and its even funnier than its a long name for a game for a really small console, The Playdate, let me introduce you this small and beautiful piece of tech:

Probably you have no idea what I’m talking about, or to be honest you are the few friends that visit my blog and you know exactly what im talking about, the playdate it’s the console that I’ve been waiting for years, literally cuz the shipping delays, but also cuz looks so cute and has a really approachable SDK and develop method, ok Unity could be easy, but with so much freedom comes The Paradox of Choice, so a more contained environment it’s great for me and this little idea.


This started really quickly, a friend came with the idea of some dinosaurs in space, and they are pirates, that was more than enough for my brain to pickup and start growing this universe really fast, not fast enough to have a decent story but enough speed to make a few pages comic, and have a simple idea of a universe in my mind.

And that idea got reborn, when I saw the playdate and start to play around with the SDK wanted to make a game but didn’t knew about what, and remember my fellow pirates.

I’m still not completely sold in the gameplay idea or but not in the story itself, I just have this comic, some assets, and some designs, let me show it.


This is a bunch of draws, and sketches I did for the main character, also have a few of them for the ships but that im gonna add them in a second post.

bunch of drawings
From sketches, to pixelart assets to more "serious" versions of the same character.

If you check the comic you will realize that the main character changed from a Styracosaurs to a Triceratops, this is mainly cuz the Triceratops its more easy to draw at small scales, even tho, the main design still contains some features of a Styracosaurs, so its kinda of a mix.

a un impresed dinosaur with a small robot behind
This for now is the game card. probably gonna change it later.

In Game Prototype (lua)

a dinosaur looking lost in a room full of brocoalien rats
All started with this, a lonely dinopirate in a room fill with brocoalien rats.

My main game its just two screens, the one on the image above, thats the dinosaur in a room fill with broco-enemies, where I tried and learn how to make some collisions and get some basic interactions, and the second one a screen that’s a little more of a gameplay…

a dinoship flying thru the void
pium pium shooting game.

And for the main gameplay we (yes we are making a Studio with some friends) think a mix of Starfox and Starlink, some kinda of traveling around the galaxy fixing things and also a rail shooter with a bunch of nonsense jokes.

My next goal its create some story for the game, and add the Panels library to the game to have a vertical slice of the game with some in game cinematics. And also change how the UI works.