Design to SwiftUI


June 15, 2021

Design to SwiftUI

disclaimer: this is a work in progress, soon I’ll move each one of this to their own “project” and keep them in different repos

The Idea

Partamos por lo básico, para ver un resumen de que pasó más allá del keynote, la mejor opción es ver los mismos videos de apple, acá los dejo por día y luego vamos revisando una a una las sesiones que me parecieron mas importantes.

The projects


Original design: Fintech Dark Theme

SwiftUI: Github repo

The main goal of this view, and this front, was managing the “view inside of a view” for achieving this I took some design choices, mainly cuz I did want to bloat the project with images, even the icons and some images aren’t the same, you get the idea and flow of the view.

Finance App

Original design: Finance App

Finance app UI design

SwiftUI: Github repo

Finance app UI design
Yes, that's actually my wallpaper

This time the challenge was catch up with new modifiers and views, also came back to SwiftUI, cuz I was a little busy at work, so more than a nice interaction it’s just a nice UI.

Team Management

Original design: Team Management

SwiftUI: Github repo

The main goal of this view, was to achieve a complex full size view, and manage a little data model.

Clean Bank UI [BROKEN]

Original design: Clean Bank UI

SwiftUI: Github repo

In this project I manage to recreate a complex UI in Playgrounds for iPad, you will have to believe it worked, cuz the code broke in a update from playgrounds for mac, since the error catching isn’t so good, I have no idea what’s broken.

Lekan Menu[BROKEN]

Original design: Lekan Menu

SwiftUI: Github repo

The first one in the series, the idea was to manage a delay animation, did it doing some weird boolean management, then realized the proper way was using the animation modifier.