Moving to Jekyll

Fight against Sass

November 26, 2015

Blogging is hard

This is actually my first post in the blog, at the beggining I was thinking about write about which plugins I used, or how I migrate all the post from Ghost to Jekyll Now but of course, not everything went out as I expected.

This is me trying to handle all this code.

I was like that picture, cuz I just jumped from the step of FORK the repo, to dive inside the sass and the cool plugins in ruby without read anything. Usually I’m that kind of humans that the first thing they do is read the fucking manual, but not this time, so I ended learning how the plugins works (actually there’s like 5 supported plugins) and also how sass works with the mixins in the hard way, Exploding everything, was really a pain in the codeass see the many ways that you can put a simple mediaqueries in the sass files.

Me now, after 3 hours of trying to fix the things, 3 commit/merge mistakes, and after deleted the blog, re uploaded, and merged all the CSS by hand...

Besides my dumbness, when I was looking at the json file, that makes Ghost when you use the export option in labs, surprise it’s totally non human readable, yes, I’m a human and not able to read that kind of shit

So playing the smart guy, mounted back my local Ghost and manually copy paste the content of each post, wasn’t the best idea ever but at least sound like a exit to the problem…

One thing kids, when you are using features that are under the category labs it’s pretty common that… well… FAIL, yep, I get and error from the jsonso I “LOST” all my previous post, nothing important really. Now I must CSSING the blog for mobile and fix another couple of things…

But seems that from now on, will be quite easy. Later in a next amazing post maybe I will speak more about this wilderness that’s making a blog.

“Patience you must have, Young padawan”


Now I need to piss, I have been in front of the computer like centuries.