Fury Road I

... we travel again!

December 6, 2015

disclaimer: this isn’t about Mad Max Fury Road, it’s about the road trip through the south island, mini review of mad max, it’s like Caffeine for the eyes, just amazing.

We laugh, we die, and we laugh again

First I want to start with this video that’s pretty much what was all this epic journey…

I have to confess that I have no frickin idea of which places we visit, I was only a picture-asian-monkey, and also I’m really bad with names. So I can’t be specific saying tinkukurapomimu it’s an amazing place, also because that place doesn’t exist, I think.

The Raiders

Jure - me - Jeremy

In the eternal randomness of life we meet in Blenheim, with Jeremy working at the pine trees and he introduces Jure to the party (yeah like the RPG parties) at the beginning wasn’t part of my plans to travel, not even now, at that point was, staying in Blenheim till they say me:

Sebastian we don’t need you anymore

My thoughs

But one day at the best place of Blenheim, Domino’s Pizza , this couple of pseudo humans told me… You can come with us in our ROAD TRIP, it will be really funny travel with you

So yes, it’s not because I’m a good person or my amazing survival skills (in Don’t Starve), was only because I CAN MAKE FUCKIN PEOPLE LAUGH

fair enough, also it’s true.


Kiss kiss, good bye Blenheim and we depart to Nelson, one of the Highlights of our self called fury road trip besides doing it fast, was, Gold searching


In Nelson, Nelson like the real Nelson, nothing happen so let’s move to the important… the gold.

The gold
Forget about working, we will be RICH.

So you are into the gold searching? well you can’t miss this amazing lesson about Goldfinding with the Young goldpadawan Jeremy and the master GoldJedi Jure and me as the cameraman, this is your first step into the big world of being rich only waving a plate.

This is a really lame edition of the video, I will Blame Canada as always.

Of course we didn’t find anything beside Sheeps, Lambs, Cows, and roads, a lot of damn long roads, well and Chicken in a can the best food you can buy for ~3 dollars.

After Nelson we went to Greymouth, or this it’s what the gps data of my pictures says, and we stay for the first night in the wilderness, 3 guys in one tent for… 2 persons…

The Tent
ohh all the luxuries.

Arthur pass

I should post a picture but, you wanna see a picture of my shitty Herthstone deck?

This was our first stop were we behave like monkeys without any kind of technology, we went out of the car and start to plug our cellphones, and everything that uses a battery, also we had a little FREE WIFI SPOT so me and Jeremy ended playing Hearthstone in the middle of the cafe.

Brace yourselves! cuz there still more adventures to tell, in the next post