Inktober fail

December 1, 2016

Inktober, Dinovember and the next one.

Disclaimer: I know, I haven’t write anything about my stay in Napier (nz), or Orlando with my family, or even my 3 weirdest months in the Lovely Canada, probably those posts will be posted in the few weeks, also do anybody read my blog?

If you are an artist, an illustrator or someone barely related with arts you probably had heard about Inktober, during all October you have to draw only with Ink or using Ink, this is a great community oriented excercise and as a self proclaimed Illustrator I tried every year to do 30 drawings only with ink.

Me, drawing.

Funny thing, I ditched every kind of erasing method from my drawings almost 10 years ago, yes, that mean that I had been drawing only with ink for the past 10 years, yes I’ve been living in a eternal loop of inktobers for the last 30 years, but for some any kind of weird reason I can’t manage to do 30 draws in a row during every october, this year, failing in the most gruesome way, doing only just 3 draws, not even, just 2.

The art of failing, or the failing art.

So, cover completely in my failing adventure, I decided to do another kind of challenge, the one for November, no, not talking about movember, shaving is not one of my favourite sports and haven’t shave since, well never actually, just trim. I’m talking about Dinovember that’s isn’t actually a challenge, is just a good month to celebrate your love for dinosaurs, and guess what, I managed to do it, I drew 30 damn dinosaur skulls, so now I have 59 different skulls (the other 29 are from a previous uni’s project), and this challenge taste is really good, by the way under the rule of the 21 days if you do something during 21 days become an habit.

And of course now I’m trying other challenge, this time I want to re learn Processing (as always) and start to ditch Facebook, and all that “social network” crap, at least facebook that is the most boring and full of shit than Twitter or Instagram, I won’t let go my drawings, all those amazing Illustrators and those lovely russian girls I follow on instagram.

Also I want to start again with my Russian, sorry Japanese but you are too trending…


I’ll post the link as soon as I have enough pages or at least part of the story complete…


PD: also I got this feeling (not the song) of re design the blog, again.