C4 for iOS

This is a bomb

November 27, 2015

Drop da Bomb

Hey little fellas, if you know me you should remember that I’m a guy pretty interested in all this creative coding stuff, yes you’re right like Processing or like Openframeworks and another languages that actually never learn anything. Lately last year I was sunken in the deeps of Swift so my process of design apps would be more complete, and I think swift is really “easy” to understand, at least the basics to make some prototyping.

A couple of days ago I read about this new framework called C4 that’s sound very cool, of course after reading the words creative coding in the site I decided to give it a try…


This framework isn’t new, actually it’s from the 2012, and it’s mainly focused in media and multitouch, and focused only in iOS devices, there are some videos of experiments and art installations in ther Vimeo channel that look really good.


C4ViewAnimation(duration: 0.5) {
    shape.center = self.canvas.center
    shape.lineWidth = 5


UIView.animateWithDuration(0.5) {
    shape.center = self.canvas.center

CATransaction.setValue(NSNumber(float: 0.5), forKey: kCATransactionAnimationDuration)
shape.lineWidth = 5

Actually the structure of the code is pretty simple and in the site itself they teach you how to make and app with the language, pretty cool ain’t ya?

The interactions of the app looks really complex to do with normal code, or at least a lot of lines of code, yesterday after a little fight with xcode I made to try a little the basics of C4 and with my not so vast knowledge I give it my seal off approval, soon will try to do something and give a more deep review or just saying that I put it aside for reasons like I just did with processing and OF.

pd: actually my problem with processing is that isn’t easy to export your sketches to a iOS device, but that doesn’t mean that’s not in my heart <2.