The best summer?

December 20, 2015

Disclaimer: look at that really crappy picture in the Header


I hate to do this but probably this post will end being split for the sanity of yourselves, my lovely readers, I know that you don’t exist and it’s only myself.

Ok let’s talk about akaroa, is a small town on Banks Peninsula in the Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand, situated within a harbour of the same name. The name Akaroa is Kāi Tahu Māori for ‘Long Harbour’, which would be spelt Whangaroa in standard Māori. Thank’s wikipedia

I being living in this place kind of 2 months, for most of the backpackers, strange subkind of humans, it’s a great place, good work, nice beaches, fun people. Well if you know me, I’m the kind of no sun guy, no so much people, no so much sand in my feets… And not so much work…

But Sebastian, why you aren’t working?

thanks for ask, myself.

I was working in a cool place, I mean everyone it’s fine but the pressure of a kitchen and the lovely cheers of my boss doesn’t fit my clumsyness and agility, I’m sure that my parents spend all my attributes points in intellect and luck, they could put at least some points in agility and charm. So after two weeks I quit my job, oh sebastian you’re quitting again, but only cuz I have another possible job in another restaurant at that time, probably I could have get the job if I didn’t forget the number one rule of darwin survival guide.

Since then I have been the typical guy that you meet in the backpacker, the all day internet dude without a job that doesnt look worry about anything.

Let me tell you something dear readers, I have worries about a lot of things, from my jobless life, to the fragile ecosystem of the dolphins and how RAD are black holes. So for most of the ppl I’m all day at 9gag or facebook (I can proudly say that since 4 years that I don’t go to the “9gag” sites) but actually I was/am building this not so amaze blog, but pretty nice though, and drawing a lot, after, let’s say 20 years, I’m kind of proud of my draws, no, lets say not dissatisfied.

And sorting my design stuff to try to work as a designer, every time that somebody say that they hate his job, not the backpacker job, the real old jobs, I say to myself, self, you fuckin love this shit!!!.

Besides my personal drama Akaroa its a pretty cool place to live… like 2 days, after that everyday it’s a sick spiral without ending that drives you trough the crazyness of a senseless routine directly to the 9th sphere of hell, Madeiras.



If casinos are to las vegas, penguins to artic, clowns to nightmares, veggies to veggie pizza, porn to internet, madeiras is to akaroa, cuz is the only place to Interact with another human, or drunk old creepy guys. I mean Akaroa its so big that you have only ONE ATM, fuck, ppl should take pictures with that ATM its fuckin famous, and also one of a kind. Madeiras its the place, like DA PLACE TO CHILL, or play pool, ppl in akaroa has 3 main activities:

  • work
  • drink
  • play pool

Of those 3 I’m only getting good at one, no my friends I’m not drinking or making money, actually I was getting better at pool but was only luck, and already depleted all my luck points. I would love to talk about the ppl but I will wait till Christmas so my heart will be full of joy and happiness and graphic material.

Spoiler: I have a lot of friends. _ emotions _

Pd: I think I need to write an ugly post about code or that kind of nerd stuff.

PD2: I also need to take more photos, or videos, I only have panoramic pictures and some shit in Snapchat.