Akaroa III

good bye

March 15, 2016


disclaimer: It’s hard to write this post, not cuz I have a lot of thing to say abut the amazing ppl that I meet in Akaroa, It’s cuz I’m feeling like crap 💩 (emotions+cold = cold emotions).

Let’s start for the beginning if you already read my two previous post of Akaroa, you will remember that it’s a great place to do 3 things, of those 3 I wasnt doing 2, Work and drink, after a few weeks I find a job, actually the job found me, at Ma Maison, I have to admit that after my traumatic experience working at The Braserie I tried again the kitchen hands life.

Let’s say that Carlos doesn’t know how to handle with ppl, and when I quit was kind of piss off. Even when I wasn’t working with him he keep saying shit about me to jure, wasn’t so shit he was saying that I’m slow, and fuck sake, I’m Slow as an old crippled turtle with a 56 kbbp connection, so he keep saying that I was too slow for working in every place, /rant.


So when I start to work in a kitchen again the only thing that I was thinking at the beginning was:


Every 3,14 seconds while washing dishes.

At the end was true but nothing terrible, working in the Ma Maison it’s the best thing you can do if you are going to work in Akaroa, everyone is friendly and even in those really chaotic moments the guys have time to make some jokes, I have to admit that I didn’t speak so much cuz I was trying to coordinate my hands to don’t drop anything or cut/burn myself, at the end I just broke 1 little cup and get a couple of cuts and burns, it’s really important when somebody says HOT to look at what thing it’s hot and remember it (yes I’m talking about you fuckin hot plate that gave me a InstaBlister in my hand).

Another cool thing about the Ma Maison it’s that they asked me what I was doing in chile (ppl taking care of your past!!), thanks to that I ended doing the new website, It’s good to have a project between hands again after so long time.


So, if you know me, or you have been my friend in this last 30 years you should know that I don’t drink, I mean nothing, I can’t stand the taste of alcohol, even in cakes, but I drink at certain point of my life as a way to show ppl that I’m able to do thing in the name of friendship, well that was the trap, in the name of friendship I ended drinking…

The first day I drank like 2 lts of beer, as usual everyone was expecting me to be drunk and do “funny” things, sadly I think I’m the kind of Agressive Drunk, well at the end of that day nothing happen, next Saturday was beer and Jagermeister, I have to admit that I was kind of dizzy, but that was my peak of drunkness, everytime that somebody offers me a shot I just drink it, with out hesitate of what the hell was, end of the day, nothing, even yesterday at lunch I drink one shot of rum and 2 jagermeister, again nothing happen, you are getting the point, STOP TRYING TO GET ME DRUNK, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY.

the secret
... I'm always drunk.


There’s one thing I had learn in this NZ trip it’s that the important thing it’s not the physical place, it’s the ppl, that’s the reason why I say I don’t like Chile, srsly It’s full of assholes, I miss my family and friends, no that bunch of idiots, that walks around the landscape (humans). Well the same with Akaroa, I won’t miss the place, I will miss my friends, even those that we have to develop a really fast friendship in a couple of weeks #bitches, and those that we spend a lots of saturdays on the dance floor of Madeiras, and the bunch of braves…

WTF at this momments there is an army of asians in the airport and they are filling all the empty seats, wtf it’s like you can craft 16 asians with one block of grass…

Anyway, I will never forget all the ppl that believes in me when I said the stupid idea of Start to learn how to make tattoos, and even more the ones that said IWANTONE even when I had only practice in pieces o plastic (and not so much, actually I practice 6 times before going on real skin, and FREE HAND). This is the boring part when I write a lot of thing to most of the ppl that I meet… so if you are a Heartless rat like me, you can go now and watch some youtube videos of ppl falling.

See you ppl, Jure, Samo, Vili, Marie, Pascaline, Caroline, Manon, Nicole, Alex, Nico, Annea, Ben, Matt, Pauline, Francoise, Hannah, Emi, Demo, Leah, Lee, Andy, Gaby, Brooke, Ricky, Callum, Muni, Shomika, Marley, Saga, Craig, Dennis, Martha, Marie, Cara, Jenn, Theo, Vince, Clémentine and of course the manager of our lives Raj.

Well if you come to this point and say, WTF Sebastian “Why you didn’t mention me”, I can say in my defense that at this point the left side of my face wants to explode, and part of my brain is trying to get outside my head through my left eye, So I’m still not feeling kind of better.