Happy New X-mas

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January 1, 2016

Happy New Birthday Jesus

YEY the Year has just finished, and the new year was looking amazing, (at this point doesn’t look so promising), in fact sounds more missing than pro, and I’m not talking about the fact that I’m trying to sleep in a couch at this moment because somebody it’s throwing a party every 2 days and she it’s only 16 and it’s awkward enough to be with drunk ppl to add the fact that it’s a little drunk kids party… Ok it’s true I’m not a party guy and I have my reason, the next post will be a boring post about how it’s life when you don’t drink, but don’t talk about that and let’s talk about X-mas.

When I was about to take the plane to new zealand I have this thing on mind:

  • My birthday, christmas and new year will be really sad (hint: alone).

Sadly I have to admit that a long time ago I didn’t have such a good time in christmas, I say sadly because I’m not with my family, I mean my blood family, but during this 9-ish months I just found that I have made a new family, a family based on friends, and it’s funny, because it’s amazing how a group of strangers can make these bonds, and fuck!, that’s a problem I’m starting to attach to people… loner detected

oh no emotions!, enough of that shit, The thing it’s X-mas was really funny cuz with these friends we made a secret santa, that ended in an amazing night really funny and with everyone drunk and with amazing funny gifts, at least I love my gifts, and what I gift, eternal sadness for the ones who only get some chocolates or a soap, or even worst a chocolate flavoured soap ( got one of those a couple of years ago).

New Year

For new year’s eve I was working at my new job (no way, srsly?) so I had to run to join my friends in the new years party night or whatever you call it here or in your country, the another round about the sun party, but was great to start the year listening to one of your favourites bands, cuz wasn’t qotsa but the guys were making a good effort, after that go to sleep cuz everyone was working and the next day was a working day too so, literally kiss kiss 💔, goodbye.


The new year, well kind of sucks at this point, like always I have no plans, not even for the end of my stay in akaroa, yes everyone it’s talking about travelling, coming back home, keep travelling. Me, I’m just drawing, making a website, highly focused in CBP (wait till march and you will see), besides that I’m also trying to get a job in what I’m supposed to be good and not “slow”, Design.

Mas Vivaldi y menos Pavaroti get a design job!

Thanks lord baby sweet jesus for give us a reason to have a good time and for other ppl being drunk, like always.

about my plane question… I wasn’t expecting to be so social and make friends, meaning, maybe I’m starting to like these walking and inexplicable pieces of meat.

pd: Did I tell about my drawing lessons? yes I’m trying to teach my friends how to draw, or actually not being ashamed of her/his draws, and just keep drawing, in exchange I’m getting some french lessons, because sometimes you want to speak with somebody besides a computer, and sadly all those languages that I know are only spoken by machines.